The ability to create is a miraculous gift. 

Get into it.

Get down in the dirt; let it mix with your paint.

Do something gritty, crazy, unexpected. 

Do what you do. 

Know who you are.

Do not be afraid.

You are blessed to be a blessing. 

You are given gifts to share them with the world.

Be a blessing. 

Share your gifts.

Know who you are. 

You are a mountain in motion. 

You will not be moved by windy little nothings. 

You will be moved by what is real. 

By pain, by goodness, beauty, kindness, love. 

Do not be afraid.

Be real.

Be yourself. 

Be different. 

Be angry, be hurt, be joyful, be weird, be new, be quirky. 

Be artful. 

Be inspired. 

I am inspired by the mysteries of faith. 

By a rich history of religious art and symbolism. 

Influenced by Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern, and Tattoo arts. 

By life.

Life is difficult. 

But there is beauty to be had. 

So have it. 

Instigate thought, raise questions, explore. 

And do not be afraid.

Rekindle your ability to wonder, to imagine, to play, to talk, to laugh, to cry. 

Read books. 

Go hiking. 

See a museum. 

Teach kids. 

Serve the elderly. 

Let yourself be uncomfortable. 




Life is a gift and is art.

Art is life and is a gift. 

Do not be afraid. 

Go do something. 

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